Main Event

ENGAGE Event Postponed due to Hurricane Matthew

As you may have noticed, there's this obnoxious jerk named Matthew who's who's invited himself to our TEDx event. Given that Matthew is planning on bringing his friends high winds and flooding with him, we've decided to postpone and reschedule this weekend's TEDxFSCJ. This means that the main event this week on Saturday, 10/8, has been cancelled. Please do not show up at the Downtown Campus on Saturday morning - stay home and stay safe.

Once Hurricane Matthew has passed us we'll work on rescheduling our event, and we hope you'll be able to join us on our new date and time, which we should announce sometime next week. We recognize that postponing this event is frustrating and disappointing, but as Floridians we all know that there is simply no arguing with Mother Nature. She always wins. 

Take care of yourselves over the next few days. We want you safe and well and in the audience for TEDxFSCJ once Hurricane Matthew has ceded center stage and we can turn our attention back where it belongs - on you and our fabulous speakers.

Main Event Speaker Preview

It's been a busy week for the TEDxFSCJ Design Strategy team!  We've been interviewing our main event speakers to learn more about what they'll be sharing with us on October 8th.  We'll be sharing these interviews with all of you on social media in the coming weeks, but we thought we'd give you a little sneak peek at a few of the fascinating people we've met so far.  (Travis Pinckney even brought his own adorable audience!)